Fish shooting game for real money, pantip for playable money


Fish shooting game for real money, pantip for playable money, quick value, more safety from our website.

Fish shooting game

Fish shooting game The newest mobile fish shooting game from casino apps, play real money fish shooting games. By the website of a world class casino app provider for over 5 years

Our fish shooting game has improved the graphics and effects of the game to look more realistic and realistic. 3D fish shooting game that can be played on mobile

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Fish shooting game

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Let’s take a look. The gun used for firing fish. When entering play, standard ammunition settings will be set. By setting the ammo to 10 credits

In which the ammunition will be the amount used to bet If you can use this bullet to kill the fish You will get your bet back as a credit according to the size and type of fish.

By playing, you are able to adjust the number of bullets to be higher. By adjusting as follows 10,20,50,80,100 But something you should remember

 Which requires a high amount of ammunition But that means your credit balance will decrease.

If shot and didn’t hit the fish or the fish is not dead, specifically shoot the desired fish Don’t shoot all the fish randomly.

Because aside from wasting unprofitable credit ammunition, you will lose the opportunity to fish with high credit as you intend. But have to wait for the moment to shoot the fish that you really want

And should wait for someone else to shoot that fish 1-2 rounds before you shoot again Because there is a better chance that passing there will be more death than locking the target

Is a button used to lock the fish that you want to shoot for accuracy. You should have to apply with automatic firing. That’s it, the money you earn from playing the game will be in your hands and the fish die quickly.

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