Hi-Lo Hi-tech, play money, play faster, more value, more secure from our website


Hi-Lo Hi-tech, play money, play faster, more value, more secure from our website

Hi-Lo Hi-tech

Hi-Lo Hi-tech Traditional dice dice gambling that Thai people are familiar with. Both play to relax Play to place real bets with real money for those who like to risk their luck

Hilo can be played by all males and females. Hilo originated from a group of construction workers in China. That has been engraved with numbers On bricks or terracotta

From numbers 1-6 to all 6 sides. After that, the construction worker threw the bricks with the numbers to throw to the floor and guess what number they will be issued. Such activities It is fun among the workers.

Hi-Lo Hi-tech

Therefore came up with rules Different in each era Which later the dice game Had the Chinese name “Sipo” when the times changed Therefore bringing the dice to replace the burnt bricks

From then, the popularity of Sipo spread to nearby areas like in East Asian countries. Including Korea and the Philippines In which these countries have been called

Therefore there are widely known people In the new name “Hi-Lo” itself, which for today we will take you to find ways to play online dice as follows.

A favorite is a single number, for example two favorites, three favorites, so there is a good chance of winning. Because there will be three dice that are numbers. There are so many people who like teng

And the pay rate is at 1: 1. This stabbing is something that many people like Because you can then choose two numbers to bet on, such as topping 4,5 3,6 etc.

There are many people who like to bet with a tot, then it will have a high payout rate, which is 1: 5. That you think that the sum of the three receptions is

Will have a score of 4-10. This bet is There is a chance to win up to 45% because it has a high win rate.

There are so many people that like that. And the payout ratio will be 1: 1. High bet This high bet is similar to low bet. But it will be different at Number of bet points

That is, the sum of it must have a score of more than 12 or more to make you win a high stab.

 And the chance of winning at 45%, as well as low bets. To bet 11 Sic Bo, to bet 11 Sic Bo

Considered as the bet that has the highest payout ratio Because there is a small chance of winning just 10%

And stabbing in 11 dice, that is He must bet on 11, meaning that the sum of the three goals must be 11.

You will receive the prize money. And if that person wins Will receive a prize money of up to 1:11 ever. How to play online dice, which we deposit today Will allow you to place bets and receive money back

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